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Find a Piano Tuner, Piano Mover, Piano Moving Tuning Repair, Piano refinishing, Piano Storage and more piano services in your area.  We are committed to providing top quality piano services in the Entire United States


  • Climate & Humidity Control Systems- with more than 9000 individual parts, your piano, like all fine instruments, is sensitive to climate and humidity change. High humidity can cause the keys to stick and the strings to rust, seriously damaging the quality of your piano. The heat can cause your keys to rattle, pins to slip, and ultimately your sound board may crack.
  • Tuning, Pitch Raising & Voicing- to maintain the sound quality of your piano, every piano must be tuned at least twice a year. We service, as well as repair, all types of acoustic pianos.
  • Lessons- our fully accredited, professional teachers are available for service in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Lessons are in home, student recitals are encouraged, and results are astounding.
  • Repairs & Regulations- Action regulation is essential to the maintenance of your piano and is recommended once every two years. Small repairs may be necessary over time and our professionals are qualified for the job.
  • Piano Storage- if you are relocating or having repairs or remodeling done on your existing home, don’t risk damage to your piano. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities are climate controlled for the best quality care possible.
  • Rebuilding & Restoration- Over time, your piano may worsen beyond minor repairs and regulations. Restoring and rebuilding a piano may be well worth it, because the sound quality of an older, hand-made piano is often far superior to even the best pianos made today.
  • Moving, Local & Nationwide- pianos are heavy and require special care in moving; care that day to day moving companies may not be able to offer. We pride ourselves on prompt and efficient service.
  • Refinishing & Polishing- we are experts in refinishing to the highest standards of pianos.  Among our extensve client list, we have re-designed and refinished the Baldwin piano for the Rockefeller Center's Rainbow Room.  Also refinishing and restoring furniture, automotive interiors, marine and aviation interiors.
  • Rentals: Long Term & Short Term- if you are looking to rent a piano for any amount of time, call us for a free quote. We also offer and Rent with the Option to Buy package.
  • Appraisals & Estimates- if you are in the market for a piano or looking to sell your piano, allow our piano technician perform a full inspection and written appraisal on the instrument so you know the exact value of the instrument.
  • Buying & Selling- We offer a three month listing service to sell your piano. If you are looking to buy a piano, invite one of our piano technicians along for a professional, non-biased opinion.